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2006-03-09 -- update on yahoo/pacbell/etc.

It appears that only digests are blocked; individual mail format still gets through. Affected lists right now are Alfa and Stag Digests, but the rest will likely follow.

2006-03-08 - news for Yahoo mail/pacbell/rogers/sbcglobal/prodigy/etc users

These mail services (which appear to share common policies) started bouncing at least some mail today. I have removed all bouncing email addresses. While you can resubscribe, I believe that this will not cure the bounces. I suggest finding another email provider or complaining vociferously to your current provider. They have a procedure I can in theory follow, but I just don't have time for this.

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Automotive Mailing Lists

Krusty Motorsports runs a number of large electronic mailing lists devoted to automotive topics; the two largest are the BMW Digest and the Alfa Digest, both with over 2000 members.

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Note that right now there are quite a few more lists than are enumerated below; use the web-based form to see them all.


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The Lists

the Spectrum Jobs (not a car list, an IT list)
the BMW Digest
the Alfa Romeo Digest
the Italian Cars Digest
the International Harvester Digest
the Triumph Stag Digest
the XJ and FSJ Jeep Lists
the Diesel Mercedes Benz List

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