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Accounts are now available on the Krusty Motorsports Server. These accounts may be used in any one or all of the following ways:

POP3 accounts for a stable remote email address, usable with tools such as Eudora or Pegasus Mail
Shell Accounts on a Linux system with traditional Unix mail tools
Cheap web space for moderate hit rate web pages

For a reader of one of the Krusty-hosted automotive digests (bmw, alfa, italian-cars, ihc, stag) the cost is $60/year. As the digests transition to the new server, the big advantage will zero mail delay -- email will be delivered locally to these accounts on the same server that generates it, which users will be able to read whenever they want. The Triumph Stag List & Digest have already moved, and the IHC Digest will be moving shortly.

For more information, contact Richard Welty, rwelty@krusty-motorsports.com.

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Richard Welty / Krusty Motorsports / rwelty@wizvax.net

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