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Welcome to the home of the Internet's Alfa Digest. This page is new, and under construction. Even so, you can now review Digest policies on postings, advertising, etc., subscribe or unsubscribe to the digest, access Digest archives via LWGate, and find other interesting Alfa related links.

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Subscribing, etc.
Resources and Frequently Asked Questions
Some List Policies
Some Administrative issues
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Subscribing/Unsubscribing (aka, using Majordomo)

The Alfa Digest is managed by majordomo, a highly regarded package for the automatic handling of mailing lists.

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Majordomo commands may be sent to
Commands in the Subject: header will be ignored; majordomo expects to see commands in the body of the message, one per line. Typical commands might look like the following:
info alfa-digest
subscribe alfa-digest
unsubscribe alfa-digest
index alfa-digest
get alfa-digest v05.n003
The help command is used to obtain the list of standard majordomo commands. The info command is used to get the introductory message for new subcribers to the alfa-digest. The subscribe command is used to join the digest; you do not have to specify an email address (majordomo will get one from the header of your email message.) The unsubscribe command is used to get off the digest; you can optionally supply email addresses on both subscribe and unsubscribe, but it may cause administrative delays as most requests that include email addresses must be processed by hand.

The index command is used to get a full listing of all the digest archives; it is in unix "ls -l" format. In this format, the last thing on each line is the file name. Volumes of the digest are given arcane names like "v04.n853" for volume 4, number 853. Note that volume numbers are 2 digits and issue numbers are 3 digits; leading zeros are mandatory to make the numbers the proper length.

Some Policies

These policies are in a state of transition; expect some change and evolution with time. A more detailed statement will be appearing shortly.


Personal classifieds are fine; just don't send them out over and over and over...

Business ad policy has been dramatically revised as of November 27th, 1996. Business ads are strictly prohibited except by prior arrangement with list management (; one time ads will be checked for content, and billed at a rate of $0.10 per ad per list member. As of November 27th, 1996, list membership is 1100, giving a one time ad rate of $110.00. List members who ignore this restriction will be prohibited from further posts to the Alfa digest.

Rates/Penalties for unsolicited bulk email (aka "spam") are published at

Ads appearing on these pages

Businesses may wish to buy space in a "banner" ad; please contact Richard Welty ( for rates and terms.

Appropriateness of Postings


The Alfa Digest is administered by Richard Welty ( Please contact him with any problems you may have; just don't expect miracles. He doesn't get paid enough for that.

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