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164Q LCD fix?
Is it possible to fix the LCDs on the 95 164Q? (I was told the replacement cost was $2000, is it possible to fix these LCD's yourself? has...
Shaffman Oct-15-01 12:02 PM
by mkmiracle
1 "40 - Electrical"
164Q radio
Stock 164Q radio. Does anyone know if there is a fuse or relay associated with it? I don't have the supplemental manual for the radio. Thanks.%...
mkmiracle Oct-15-01 12:04 PM
by mkmiracle
0 "43 - Onboard Instruments and Devices"
power door lock solenoids
For anyone who might be having the problem themselves, I performed a temporary fix on one of the power door lock solenoids on my '91 164 12V this ...
jsm8 Oct-15-01 12:13 PM
by jsm8
0 "40 - Electrical"
big time cooling problems-any ideas??
Hi, I was driving home the other night from the supermarket and a few block from home my temp shot up to 225 while sitting at a light. It looked l...
eric_smalkin Oct-15-01 12:36 PM
by ALinEcosse
2 "07 - Engine Cooling"
Air Con Compressor sources in the UK?
Hi, I recently had to replace the air con compressor on my 96 Cloverleaf as it turns out that the bearing had completely disintegrated and the pump ...
Mike Millard Oct-15-01 12:42 PM
by ALinEcosse
1 "80 - Heating, Ventilation and A/C"
Mirror glass replacement for US 164S mirror
The convex glass on my passenger side (US) mirror has pitted from the rear. I have heard that pre-91 164 mirrors were different than post-91 mirro...
richlasner Oct-15-01 01:30 PM
by richlasner
0 "00 - Complete Car"
Outside temp display stuck!!
All of a sudden my outside temp LCD has stuck on 61 degrees and will not change. I have take the - battery terminal off to try to reset it but nothing...
jasonM Oct-15-01 02:13 PM
by jasonM
4 "43 - Onboard Instruments and Devices"
I have a problem. when i start the car in the morning, it will stall and idle real rough untill it is warmed up. it will also stumble the first kilo...
Djn Oct-15-01 11:25 PM
by Ross
2 "01 - Engine"
door handles!!!
One of my front, external door handles has fractured ( a common fault, I believe). How do I get the broken handle off and the replacement back...
tdye Oct-16-01 02:21 AM
by tdye
1 "00 - Complete Car"
Rear seat removal
Can someone out there tell me where all the screws are located to remove the rear seat bottom and back? I could probably figure it out myself, bu...
ryaneyres Oct-16-01 02:32 AM
by ryaneyres
1 "66 - Internal Trim"
'95LS Sparkplugs
Does anyone have direct knowledge of the correct sparkplug for a 1995 LS (US spec)? My owner's manual says: NGK PGR6A NGK website (...
Bill Eppler Oct-16-01 12:49 PM
by GrahamB
5 "05 - Engine Electrical"
How to replace oil preasure sensor
In the old forum i once post about a drop o oil that apears in my garage floor once on a while. Someone said me it could be the oil preasure sensor ...
Rodrigues Oct-16-01 08:22 PM
by Stephen
2 "01 - Engine"
164 Service
I am reliably informed by the editor of the UK Magazine "Car Mechanics" that the December Issue (out in November) will feature the 164 3litre ...
Tim Hancock Oct-16-01 08:24 PM
by Stephen
1 "00 - Complete Car"
Low oil / Anyone know a good mechanic in Melbourne?
When I last had an oil change a few weeks ago, I noticed on the invoice my mechanic only used 6.5 litres of sump oil (owner's manual specifies 7...
John H Oct-16-01 11:28 PM
by Tony Simpson
2 "00 - Complete Car"
No clutch after replacing clutch 91S
After replacing the clutch disc on my 91S, I have no clutch. Note, I replaced only the disc as my pressure plate and throwout bearing were OK. D...
adgrieg Oct-17-01 07:23 PM
by adgrieg
6 "12 - Clutch"
Stopping Power
ALinEcosse-UNCANNY DESIRE FOR BHP With reference to the brake post discussion on the other forum, I am now fitting the Ferodo 2000 series pads ...
ALinEcosse Oct-17-01 07:30 PM
by c m smith
11 "22 - Brakes"
oversize valves
hello, someone on the forum installed oversize valves (head) on their car but i cannot trace to post. are those readily available or is it a c...
serge Oct-17-01 11:27 PM
by serge
7 "99 - Unclassified"
Need help re installing transmission
After pulling my transmission to replace the clutch, I have not been able to get it back in. Getting the trans shaft into the clutch disc is the pr...
adgrieg Oct-18-01 01:00 PM
by RayB
1 "13 - Manual Transmission"
Burnt Cooling Fan Fuse
Last Friday night I was stuck in a traffic in my 1997 3.0 Super. Soon after the temp rose to the peak and the heater radiator in the A/C chamber exp...
Dan Tung Oct-18-01 03:36 PM
by richlasner
4 "80 - Heating, Ventilation and A/C"
164S alarm system possessed by demons
well it seems to be..... From time to time, when I use the fob to lock the doors and engage the alarm, I am allowed to get 100 feet or so from the...
chuckR Oct-19-01 05:52 PM
by Sonny
1 "00 - Complete Car"
Honey, I melted my AFM
Now, Turns out I have two ice cream cones sticking on my forehead, one pistachio, and one Mocha-Blast. I have done it: I melted the electri...
Alfonse Oct-20-01 08:48 AM
by Dave in KY
1 "04 - Fuel, Air and Exhaust"
de-catting a 91 3.0 cloverleaf
I've been told that I can increase the torque on my 164QV by as much as 50% by removing the CAT and replacing with a straight through manifold as ...
Steve164 Oct-20-01 04:52 PM
by spurcell
3 "01 - Engine"
need to replace piston rod jounal/bearing
Hi, Turns out my Alfonse has turned into a Peugeot Diesel after new heads and 175 miles. Knocking and pinging like there is no tomorrow. Damn, i...
Alfonse Oct-20-01 10:01 PM
by Alfonse
0 "01 - Engine"
Front sagging
I know that this is a known problem. I can't get my front camber within specs. Top strut bearings look fine. Could anybody please tell me what I wou...
Sonny Oct-21-01 01:06 PM
by c m smith
5 "21 - Suspension"
Alignment help!
Okay, well I just had an alignment today with the new sienas. Now they seemed to align it good with the laser set up, but my steering wheel is of...
jasonM Oct-21-01 08:45 PM
by jasonM
3 "28 - Wheels and Tires"
164 LS '95
could you please let me know what could have gone wrong: heating on all the time, regardsless of temp.setting in auto or economy (a/c does n...
WEB Oct-22-01 04:40 AM
by Torgny
1 "80 - Heating, Ventilation and A/C"
Brake expert required
With reference to my previous post regarding fitting the ferodo 2000 series high performance pads. The web site gives confirmation of the maintaining...
ALinEcosse Oct-22-01 11:31 AM
by ALinEcosse
3 "99 - Unclassified"
Anti-lock warning light on
Hello all. I recently had my rotors and pads replaced on my 1991 S model. I only drove the car twice before having major work done to it, so I am ...
Stephen Oct-22-01 12:13 PM
by Tim Hancock
1 "22 - Brakes"
Correcting Front Camber After Lowering Car
I lowered my 164S with Weitec springs (and Koni adjustable shocks) by 30mm back in July. Three of the four wheels were easily brought back into sp...
richlasner Oct-22-01 02:34 PM
by richlasner
2 "00 - Complete Car"
Have a question for San Francisco Bay Area forum Alfa pilots. I need to lose the radio/cassette in my 91 164L and put in a CD. Do not need the casse...
Fred Oct-22-01 08:56 PM
by Stephen
5 "40 - Electrical"
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