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Bill Gillham's fire

Last Thursday, Extremely Good Guy and USA AROC VP Bill Gillham's shop burned.

Bill had soldered a broken stool for the school where he works, gave someone a
ride, and returned home to find his shop ablaze.  He got 2nd and 3rd degree
burns to his face and hands, but is recovering nicely.

All his tools are gone, as is irreplaceable documentation.  A '62 Giulietta
Veloce he had almost finished restoring is melted and several other cars in
his shop are damaged, but probably can be brought back---and there's nobody
better than Bill to do it.  These included a '62 Sprint Veloce he'd just
finished, Fred DiMatteo's old Jr. Z, and Bill's "Hooligan,"  the most
desireable 4 door 105 car I've ever seen.

In some ways he was lucky; the plexiglass grille on the Jr.Z was unscathed and
a lot of his parts in plastic bins are OK.

Joe Cantrell
AROO, Portland

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