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CA smog test cut-off year

Could someone point me to the current California law regarding the
cut-off year for smog testing cars? Yes, I know this was a fairly
current thread.

It is currently 1973 and older in CA. I was told by the smog tester guy
that in 2003, 74's will then be exempt. However after just visiting the
DMV, the employees knew nothing about the law. Was it repealed?

Can anyone verify one way or the other? Also, IF 74's Will be exempt in
03, does that mean 75's will be exempt in 04, etc.?

In any event, I'm in the process of having my Alfetta GT re-registered
as a '75. I was given information regarding these cars by a friend
which, as it turns out, the DMV does not possess. After researching all
of their archives (for a half hour) the woman came back and said she
would accept my information and wrote in that it is Now a '75.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my title and so couldn't complete the

Sometimes there are advantages of getting older. However, the sooner the

Irwindale, CA USA

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