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Re: Air Impact Wrench for Pinion Nut?

At 11:54 PM 7/1/02, Kevin Trent wrote:
>I've got a really stuck pinion nut on the rear axle of my 115 LSD.  I need
>to replace the seal, but cannot get the nut to budge with a large 1/2 drive
>ratchet.  I made the special tool (ring nut socket) per the excellent
>article on the St Louis Club web page:
>I'm considering the purchase of an air impact wrench.  This type of air
>tool is offered with a wide variety of specifications and prices.  The most
>expensive impact wrenches have a up to 450 to 500 ft.lbs. of torque, while
>the low price versions are rated at 200-250 ft. lbs. of torque.
>My question:  How much "power" do I need to loosen that pesky pinion nut at
>the differential?
>Thanks,  //KCT, Powell TN

For a lot less money, you could buy a 3/4" drive ratchet handle (or breaker
bar) and the appropriate size socket in 3/4" drive. Assuming you have a
tool made to hold the companion flange. Two pieces of pipe about three feet
long (pair of cheaters) would then allow you to remove the nut without
exceeding a gentlemanly level of effort!

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