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5 Valve heads (NAC)

A little late with these notes, but did a little research, not claiming
to have produced a definitive history, rather a few highlights. I did
not confirm the validity of the information on the web sites listed; hey
it's just for grins.

197x: Otto Lantenhammer developed a 5 valve engine sometime in the 70's.

1984: Yamaha claims the first production motorcycle 5 valve head. See:

1987: F3000 Cosworth/Yamaha 5 valve engine. See:

1989: Mitsubishi Minica sold with turbocharged 5 valve engine. See:

1989-1997: Yamaha F-1 effort with 5 valve heads, a flop.

1991: Toyota claims the first production 5 valve car engine, the 4A 20
valve engine. See:

Another interesting link:

Application of Phase-Averaging Doppler Global Velocimetry to Engine
Exhaust Flows, See:

Yamaha sells motorcycles and ATV's with 5 valve heads. Aprilia sells
bikes with 5 valve heads. Ferrari, Audi do too; I'd guess there are
numerous others. 

Several F-1 teams including Ferrari used 5 valves in F-1 for a few
years, but have since gone back to 4 valve heads.

The Taurus SHO was a 4 valve head by Yamaha. See:
I checked several Taurus / SHO sites, all said 3.0 24V V6 with 220hp,
not 30 valve.


Mike Nakamura
Fall City WA USA
91 Spider Veloce
94 164 LS
02 Dakota
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