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RE: Lower A-Arms

Erik -

I'm 99% sure that the bushing are not supposed to rotate on the pins. I'm
also pretty sure that there is a torque spec for the nuts that hold the arms
to the pins in the manual and it is pretty tight, maybe 80 ft-lbs or so. But
I'd have to go into the garage and look at the manual to be sure.

The 105/115 lower A arm bushing are not a conventional bushing, and the
inner portion is designed to pivot in relation to the outer. This would
suggest that the inner portion of the bushing should not move in relation to
the 'pin'.

Clear as mud?



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Subject: Lower A-Arms

Jon Writes:

AFAIK, the lower A bush centers aren't supposed to move on those pins..
they're supposed to be locked solidly on there by the nut and washers
under the grease cap.  Any movement should be between the rubber
the inner sleeve and outer shell.

Does anyone know for sure if this is the case?  The lower a-arm pins on my
car moved within the bushing when I took everything apart.  I assumed that
this was supposed to be the case, as it is similar to the bronze bushing set
up on my Giulietta.  But Jon is under the assumption that the bushing itself
takes all of the motion from suspenstion travel, and the bushing does not
rotate around the pin.  Anyone know definitively which way is correct?  I
put mine back together with the nuts just tight enough to take up slack
without "locking" the bushing onto the pin.

Erik Wood
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