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Re: Don't use the DRL's !!!

I can NOT support the line of thought that says DRL's should not be used.

My experience is as follows:

In Canada many people started using "headlights on" as preventative measure
way back in the late 60's.

Various companies then started making it mandatory for their company
vehicles in the 80's, and it eventually became mandatory for all new
vehicles in the late 80's.

So I am very used to having vehicles with the headlights on - and now with
the revised DLR function of the highbeams used in a dimmed format (or
similar on some cars) it is very much the "norm" and there is no feeling of
"visual clutter".

There is, however, a problem in that the law about installing and using the
DLRs was not made retroactive. Thus we still have a number of "older" cars
on the highway that do not have the lights on.

And this makes it "SO VERY OBVIOUS" why the lights are so useful - because
you really cannot see the non-lighted cars. When travelling the 2 lane
highways you always have to be on the lookout for oncoming traffic, and it
is the unlit cars that seem to be hidden in shadow areas, especially on
those hazy days with the heat rising from the road when everyone is driving
fast because "hey it's great weather".

I often drive in the UK, where DLRs are not mandatory yet - and it is much
harder to notice oncoming cars without them on - and unnerving on the small
twisty roads. Many people there are now driving with lights on because they
like the extra visibility factor.

In my opinion this is one of those things that should be standard around the
world. The substitute use of things like fog lights is not a good approach.
Since they shine light downward at the road they do not provide much
distance visibility, and they also provide "more glare" to other cars
especially on wet roads as that light reflects back up from the road surface
into the oncoming cars as they get closer.

If it was not for the fact that fog lights are very useful in those
conditions of "darkness with very dense fog" then I would advocate removing
fog lights from cars (because of their misuse) and making DRLs a standard

Jim Cash
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