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BMW Digest Advertisers: regular posting

[last changed 8/23/2002 -- new URL for Rusty/Wholesale Parts]

Averill Park Networking
    Linux, Unix, OpenBSD, Network Engineering, Software Development
    rwelty@averillpark.net                         518-573-7592

Wholesale Parts, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
    OE & OEM Parts for Mercedes, BMW & Porsche, 20% to 75% off Retail.
    1-800-741-5252 or AOL Instant Messenger / wholesale26265

Classic Trimcoat
    Refinish oxidized aluminum trim, restore anodized aluminum bumpers, renew
           plastic and rubber trim and more
    http://www.classictrimcoat.com/              sales@classictrimcoat.com
    Toll Free 1-888-234-5894  1-770-232-1546     fax 770-232-1548

Leatherique Professional Leather Restoration Products
    Professional Leather conditioner, cleaners, and custom color match dyes
    LRPLTD@aol.com           904-272-0992       fax 904-272-1534

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