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re: '318is E30 major service

Not sure what all the miscellaneous items on the service book would say. Since you're new to the car and may not know its previous service history, here's what I would replace and check:
Engine oil and filter, trans, and rear end oil. Suggest Redline in the trans and rear.
Air filter
Fuel filter
Spark Plugs, wires if never changed.
Flush and change brake fluid, including clutch slave
Flush and change anti freeze

Air pressure in the spare tire
leakage around profile gasket on front engine cover
Clutch on the cooling fan
brake pads and rotors
all suspension bushings and shock/strut mounts
ball joints
front wheel bearings
rear exhaust hanger rubber donuts
transmission mounts

You may also want to disconnect the battery so that the ECU resets and adapts to the engine again from scratch.

Enjoy the car, its more fun and will outperform any of the E36 318 models.

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