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'95 M3 Jim C., Intake, Euro HFM, etc. FS

Anyone interested in a used Jim C., cold air intake w/ the larger Euro HFM, Huge ITG filter, heat shield, reducer and chip? All parts are in great condition, no moving parts to wear, used for about 2 years or 16K miles. Obviously only fits '95 M3s w/ OBD l. Everything included plus installation instructions. Takes about an hour to install if you've never opened your computer before, less time if you've done it. Jim C., says a '95 M3 dynoed w/ his kit at around 270+ hp, I felt the increase in power immediately. Very noticeable increase in power. I think it's currently selling for around $995, make me a serious offer (please be realistic) and experience the extra power the '95s lacked. Best bolt on for the buck!

Evan Evans
Smoky Mountain
Knoxville, TN
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