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Gas Gauge sticks 99 M3

Hi Guys,

Recently (almost right after my car came off warranty), the gas gauge
occasionally shows incorrect fuel level.  So far this happened a few
times and it always happen when I refuel the car.  Instead of the gauge
showing full, it goes somewhere between 1/4 to 3/4.  It tends to
gradually move up the gauge.  It eventually shows the correct value.
This typically happens after a few restarts.  The first time it
happened, I turned off the car and open the gas cap and the problem
resolved itself.  However that trick does not seem to be working

Another piece of info is that my car recently was rear ended and as part
of fixing the back of the car, the body shop needs to remove the gas
tank.  I understand that there is a sender in the fuel tank and I am
assuming that to get to it you have remove the tank.  So I am toying
with the idea of speculatively replacing the sender.

What do you guys think...

Thanks, David
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