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<e32> Intake manifold gasket

Hi all.

My 1991 750iL has apparently developed a vacuum leak around the intake
manifold gasket and due to the high cost of parts involved am considering
tackling the job myself - I've reviewed some excellent websites which cover
this job and from what I can see all that's required is patience, some basic
tools including a torque wrench, and a good source of replacement parts.

In New Zealand I'm looking at the equivalent of around USD$220 per gasket so
four of them makes it's a rather expensive job.  Therefore I'm looking for
the following advice:

1) Is this a job that can be carried out by someone who is mechanically
minded but has limited automotive servicing experience?  I've changed dist
caps, spark plugs, etc.
2) I've seen U.S. Website selling these gaskets for around USD$88 - does
anyone know if a supplied who will shipping Internationally all the way to
the South Pacific?
3) While I've got the manifolds off, what else should I do at the same time?
(hoses, banjo bolts, rocker cover gasket, etc)

Cheers (as we say in N.Z.),
'91 750iL 155,000Km.

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