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Re: 528e - Won't start, won't run


Thanks to those who responded, both privately and to 
the list.  Suggestions included: 

  fuel pressure regulator
  O2 sensor
  in-tank auxiliary fuel pump
  vacuum leaks, including the oil stick O-ring
  relays, fuses, other electrical
  coolant temperature sensor
  cold start valve  
  airflow sensor
  cap & rotor

  ... and maybe some other stuff that I forgot.

I just had a call from the kid, who heard from the mechanic 
(not the one who wanted to replace the ECU for $1200, but the 
the shop it was towed to after that <grin>), who reports that 
it's the cold start valve.  They need to order the part, so 
we're not /positive/, but it looks like the kid might be on 
the road again soon.  And none too soon, says I.

I appreciate all your help.

Stas Lotyczewski

> I'm hoping someone can offer some diagnostic insights 
> pertaining to my son's 1986 528e.  A couple nights ago, 
> at a stop light, the engine shuddered and quit a few 
> moments later.  He had it towed to a nearby friend's 
> house, and the next morning we (a) replaced the fuel 
> filter, (b) cleaned up all six oil-fouled plugs, and 
> (c) duct-taped a cracked vacuum hose we discovered, 
> but to no avail.  When it would start, after much 
> cranking, the exhaust was quite dark, and it would 
> run only with much throttle feathering.  The fuel pump 
> appears to be working (I can feel a vibration when I touch 
> it as the car is cranking).  After a minute, it stalled 
> and wouldn't even "catch".  The car was towed to a nearby 
> garage (but about an hour away from home, yuck), where it 
> presently sits.  If these symptoms sound familiar to anyone, 
> I'd appreciate hearing about some possibile causes.
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