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[bmw] Bought the 1995 525i Wagon. Yaaa! But its pings between 2000 and 3000 rpm

I bought the stations wagon and I am in debugging mode now.
I noticed a little thing that gets to me. I thought it was
possibly the unleader (87) fuel that was in the tank, but
since then I have filled it up with 91 octane. It seems to
be emitting to me, as a pinging noise from the engine when
I give it the gas (flooring it) at between 2000 to 3000
rpms. it only pings when it push it hard at these rpms. Any
suggestions as to fix this problem? I went to the dealer to
get a new transmission shifting style switch (the one to
the left of the shift gate) and there are like 4 kinds. One
with a E/S, A/T, M/T, etc. Is there really a difference or
is it the same switch basically with different letters?

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