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Re: [bmw] where's the 535I headlight relay

yes, the lamp relays for your vehicle are in the LKM.


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PeterSchop@aol.com wrote:
> I have a 1990 535i with a headlight problem. In the past, I have
> noticed that sometimes the low beam would go out after driving for a
> while. Now it is happening after driving for about three miles. I
> think everything else is working OK. The parking lights and dash
> lights stay on but the low beams will go out without notice. I can
> still turn on the high beams. If I shut off the car for ten minutes,
> they will work again. I'm thinking that it is a bad relay. But which
> one? I looked in the diagrams in the Bentleys but did not find a low
> beam relay. Could it be the big "Lamp control module"? 
> Thanks,
> Peter Schoppelry
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