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Re: [bmw] Replacing a battery on 99 E46 323

Let's thank Mr. Kohnbrenner for an excellent response to BMW battery
replacement questions. The link he supplied is especially useful.
Having recently gone through this matter with my own E36 325is, I'd like to
add what I found to be a solution without having to go through the expensive
dealer route. After much searching (both internet & in stores) I found that an
Exide 840  49-84 fit fine in the trunk well AND has a vent tube attached as
well. If I recall, I believe I had to reverse the hold down clamp to the
opposite end of the battery (there is a threaded mount in the well here, so
this was no problem). The end result was perfect----an optimum-sized battery
(stronger than stock) with venting included.

Maybe this can help E46 owners as well?


Ken Lawyer
San Jose
'94 325is
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