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Re: [bmw] 325is sudden loss of compression?

On Nov 6,  9:50pm, David Orr wrote:
> I may be wrong here but I think BMW does something at crank time
> to reduce compression, when you listen to a BMW crank you can hear
> it run very fast.  I have never investigated what they do
> so I don't know what to tell you.  Hopefully someone here can
> tell you what's going on but is sounds like whatever drops the
> compression at start has failed.  A clue is that you can push
> start it and it starts but the starter won't start it.

Thanks David,

Can anyone verify there is something in the system that reduces compression at
It just baffles me that the engine _always_ started until one second in time,
and after that moment will never start again.

Gary A.
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