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[bmw] RE: [bmw e28] Door hanging procedure?

For all those who sent replies, thanks.

The winner is Bob Kegel. Bob wins one "Attaboy".

The bump stops were missing on the 3 of the 4 doors, and the fourth is
cracked. I ordered through the dealer (I know, I know) for $2.71 each CDN.

These are plastic covers that cover the metal lever that hits the post on
the doorframe. When they go missing, the difference in the size of that
lever has to made up in compressing the door seal, i.e. by slamming.

And I thought parts only fell off english cars. Doh!


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On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, at 13:08:03 Doug Dykaar wrote:

> The doors on my e28 are getting harder to latch over time. They used to
> close so nice, now itsa slam.

Sounds like the door striker bump stops, part # 51 21 1 809 735, are worn
out or missing. They're a dollar and change apiece at the dealer or online
vendors such as http://www.alloembmwparts.com/ .

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