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[bmw] RE: 1983 520i coolant leak, gear box hell

520i auto 1983.

I Have found water leaking from a rusty plug thing that blocks up one of
those holes in the block, any ideas on an easy fix?

Also the gear box is doing strange things when I am off the gas and
going down hill (@60-70kmph) revs pick up and drop off (around 500rpm up
and down several times)  It doesn't happen at any other speed.  I
Thought that the gears where flicking between 3rd and 4th, however when
the revs drop off the engine seems to drag a bit (thinking there should
be less drag if going into 4th gear?), and then no drag when the revs go
up again.  It's a 4 speed auto and the car has 200km on the clock.  

As a student the thought of a dying gearbox on my beloved beemer
suggests a oneway trip to the scrap yard as cash is not my strong point.
Magic solutions/suggestions greatly appreciated.


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