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[bmw] Attempted Stellar Alarm System Install


Looking for some help.  I have a 1995 540i 6 Speed, build date is 9/94.  It
has the factory alarm with the one piece alarm/key.  The reception on this
alarm has been horrible since I bought it (about a year ago), so for
Christmas I finally got a replacement alarm, the Stellar BMW alarm.
Unfortunately, my car does not seem to fit what they are expecting.  The
alarm plug that they you are supposed to plug their harness into is on the
wrong side of the car (with the battery under the back seat on the battery
side).  The other odd item is that there is no factory alarm plugged in!
Yet, the factory alarm is there, beeps, makes the lights go, etc.  When I
plug the Stellar alarm into the port, and then use the Stellar remote to arm
the alarm, it locks and the lights flash.  However, when I use the Stellar
remote to unlock, the factory alarm goes off!  Some questions:

1. How do I find and remove the factory alarm?
2. How can the factory alarm exist if it is not plugged into the alarm
3. Is this an impossible installation and I should just give up?
4. Does anyone know how to make this work?


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