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[bmw] Contact switch under rear seat of 540i above battery?

Apologies if there is a faq for this - I coudn't find one

I have a E34 540i which for a number of reasons hasn't been driven for a
number of months. The battery died and so I had a place come around to remove
it, take it back for charging and re-installing it. We noticed that on the
plastic panel that covers the battery is a contact switch closed when the seat
is put back (there is a pressure area on the bottom of the seat). Also when he
put the battery back in with the plastic cover off, some of the thin wiring
around that area became quite warm, but when we manually closed that switch,
the heat buildup stopped

Anyway we put the battery back, the cover on and the seat back and the car
started okay but I haven't been able to drive it much. One other matter that
bothers me is when I turn the engine off, the plasma display says Check
Control and Check Owners Manual but reading the manual doesn't reveal much

Any ideas from anybody?


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