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[bmw] Re: [UUC] smaller pulleys for SCCA street prepared?

Yes I meant larger. Larger is better. Don't go smaller. For sure. No doubt. At least that's what she said. :-)
Must have been tired brain cells after completing 'Jack's yearly Zymol HD Cleanse rubdown too late last night. I decided that if he's glowing this good after 7 years he deserves another dose of acceleration in thanks. Its the '227hp isn't enough, maybe I can squeeze a few more hp out of his rear wheels next time we visit the DynoJet kind of thinking. UUC is advertising 4 to 11 HP, and not bad bang for the buck. Sometime after midnight 'Jack asked what about autocross classes (he's ok running for the fun of it in street prepared on stock springs and street tires but just trying to stay out of full prepared).
So yes, are any size other than stock pulleys legal in SCCA street prepared?


Karl Zemlin wrote:

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Why would you want to go smaller?

smaller pulleys for SCCA street prepared:
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