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[bmw] Wheel straightening, Albany NY


I just purchased four new Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2 snows for my Audi. Very impressive snow tire. Far better than the previous Blizzaks.

The tire dealer noted that my winter wheels are in various stages of bent. This didn't surprise me given the vibration felt at speed and the potholes in upstate NY.

Is there anyone local to Albany who can straighten these for a reasonable price?


- Matt

ps. Back a while ago, I posted a weirdness with a dead speedometer in my wife's '99 528. It was the ABS brain. There is no speed sensor on the rear diff on this model, it gets speed signal from LR ABS sensor. First it didn't work at all. After replacing the left rear speed sensor, the speedo would only work while cold. After warming it would stop. A visit to the dealer and $600 and it works reliably. *sigh*
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