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[bmw] E36 Airbag reset tool help

I have a 1996 328is in which I had to remove the drivers
seat to fix the cable that allows the seat to move forward
to access the rear seat.  While I did this, I had to
disconnect the electrical connector to the seatbelt.  When I
reinstalled the seat I now have an airbag fault light for
two minutes.  I know the airbag electronics receives an
input from the seatbelt switch. Once the light goes out it
never comes on again until I restart the car.   Before
disconnecting the drivers seat I had no fault lights.

Would anyone in the Dallas, TX area be willing to help reset
the airbag fault light?  Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

87 535is aka "MOCK5"
96 328is in need of airbag reset
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