Re: 2002 TI carburettor question

> > I have a '74 2002 with the Solex PDSIT dual carburettor, including the 
> > &^%&ing water choke.  I've been having problems starting the car when it 
> > is cold and the last time I pulled out the spark plugs and they were bone 
> > dry.  So assuming it was running rather lean, I stuffed a sock down the 
> > throat of the carb, started for a second then choked out (surprise!)  
> > Well, after that it started up fine.  Well, what can I do?  I've tried 
> > cleaning out the fuel system with a bottle of Techron.  No appreciable 
> > effects.  Any advice is certainly appreciated (although I won't be 
> > parting the car out.....teeheee ;)

The two barrel Solex found on post-mid '72 2002's is the 32/32 DIDTA.  The
40 PDSIT(A) carb is the one barrel unit found on the earlier 2002's.

The automatic choke is adjustable by turning the housing for the bimetallic
strip.  Increasing spring tension will richen it up, decreasing tension will
lean it down.
> > Next, I know the Weber dual carb is supposed to be a good upgrade but 
> > I've had conflicting reports as to the effects on the performance changes 
> > over the PDSIT Solex carb.  Has anyone done this particular upgrade?  I'm 
> > sure going from the onebarrel to the dual Weber carb is good, but from 
> > one twobarrel to another?  

There is usually a noticeable performance increase going from either the
40 PDSIT or the 32/32 DIDTA to the Weber 32/36 DGV's.  Driveability
also tends to improve.  Just don't forget to match the manifold openings
to the Weber.

Hope this helps,