320i Dashboard

Before I unleash my two questions, I would like to say I'm the proud owner of an '82 320i with 140k.  
Mechanicals are in pretty good shape, but I have been unlucky on the accident side lately.  Enough damage was done 
to total the car by $$$ figures to repair it.  If you ask me, the damage was not all that severe.

Anyway... my questions:

	1.	Does anyone have any info on where I can get a knee/kick panel that goes beneath the 
		steering column under the dash for a 320i?  I am going to try the slow process of repair
		on the brute.

	2.	Since the unfortunate accident (BTW, it wasn't due to my driving - it was a hit-and-run) I am 
		looking to buy an M3 in the year range of '88 to '90 (I want to try and stay under $20k).
		Are there any *bad* years for the M3's?

All comments are appreciated (and commentees will not be slandered)

'82 320i 140k