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*Are there any reasonable PC-based simulations available of NHIS, Lime
*Rock, or Bridgehampton race tracks (three places in the Northeast where
*the BMW CCA holds their schools)?  There's a cute game called Gran Prix,
*which has some international tracks, but apparently gradients are 
*ignored - they're always flat.

A company called Papyrus makes a software package called Indycar. It is an
EXCELLENT simulation. For any of you flight-sim fans its been called the
Falcon 3.0 of driving simulators. It has NHIS along with about 7 other
tracks. There is also an expansion pack with another 8 tracks. Of course the
only tracks are going to be places where indycars race. They are coming out
with a NASCAR simulator that will have a bunch of other tracks (and some of
the same like NHIS). You get the ability to practice, a single race, or an
entire season. Almost anything that is configurable on a real indycar is
changable, tires, shocks, camber, stagger, grears and more. The only thing
that you cant touch is engine stuff. You can however run in a 92 or 93
Penske, the RH01, or a Galmer using the Chevy, Ford or Buick engines (any
combination). There was an article in last months Bimmer that discussed the
product and gave it very high marks. 

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i'm not aware of any, but...

for most tracks, a "hot lap" has been published at one time or another.
the SCCA has published (in _Sports Car_) laps of nearly every track
that Club Racing uses.  laps may also be available from people on the
net who have driven them; sometimes people on wheeltowheel write laps.
i certainly can probably write up laps for LRP, Watkins Glen, and
Summit Point.

finally, there are now some decent videos of laps of various tracks;
we have one that covers LRP, Bridgehamption, Summit Point, and maybe
one or two others.  i can get information on it to you about
the middle of next week if someone else doesn't do it first.