Re: 320i sale price

On Thu, 27 Oct 1994, Chris Pawlowicz wrote:

> >Like the title says, 320i for sale.  $2600, Black on Black interior, car 
> >looks freshly painted and undercoated, interior is in very good shape (no 
> >power mirrors though), Radio is broke.  183,602mi.  Apparantly has a 
> >rebuilt engine, it's a Manual, I'm fairly certain it's a 5 speed, year 
> >83.  VIN: WBAAG3307D9007085A  
> No I'm not interested but you said comments are welcome so here are some :)
> It seems like a lot of money.
> The red book (?) value here in Canada for my '81 320i is something like $2500
> canadian bucks or.. uhh.. (doing math).. $1800 us.

I know it's overpriced, I even mentioned it to my friend, and he said the 
offer is firm.  I said, you just lost a sale.

> Of course it could be in really good shape but at 184k miles it could also
> be about to completely fall apart..even with a rebuilt engine.

I suspect it has it's share of evil-nasty voodoo.