Questions on E30-M3


I have been experiencing a couple of minor disagreements on my 
1988 E30-M3, since I owned it: 

1-When the engine is cold, it will produce a lot of mechanic noises
  when you crank it-up. Noises will rapidly decrease and disappear as soon   
  as the engine warms up and the oil is circulated. (I use synthetic FSX).

   I know that the M3 is a noisy machine, and I am not too much worried about 
   it, as it will run as smooth as velvet a couple of minutes later. I was just
   wondering if anybody experienced the same thing. A friend of mine with an 
   88 M3 has the same phenomenom occuring, too.

2-The heater is very weak (not good with the coming winter...) and I need to 
   turn the knob fully open to get some warm air. I had a 323i before and I was
   used to a much more efficient heating system. Maybe my system is a little bit
   clogged and need to be flushed (I change the anti-freeze, quite often).

3-When the car is cold, I experience some shimmy when braking strongly. I 
   suspect the tires (BF Goodrich ZR), although the wheels are properly 
   balanced. This problem will fade away as soon as the tires are getting 
   warmer. Those tires seem to be out of balance when cold. A friend, who has
   the same set of tires also experience the problem. It is really a pity as 
   the grip and comfort of these tires are wonderful.

Any information, suggestions or comments would be welcome.