2002 brakes

Jay Baudendistel said:

> Hi All,
> My friend just recently purchased a '73 2002 from South Carolina.  The 
> car is in great shape.  It's quick and handles well.  The only concern 
> we have is the brakes.  We would like to improve the braking 
> performance and have read that the master cylinder from a 633 would 
> not only be an improvement, but that it is also a direct bolt-on.  We 
> have also heard that rear drum brakes from a 530 would be an 
> improvement...also a direct bolt-on.
> Is it true that these mods would be a simple bolt-on?  Any tips, 

	The master cylinder is a simple bolt-on.
	The rear brakes from a 320i bolt on (backing plate and drum,etc.
are similar to the 2002) but the 530 has:
	a:  five-lug wheels
	b:  rear disks 
> We would also welcome any other ideas to improve the stock brake 
> system performance. 
> Jay Baudendistel
> '84 318i (My new guibo came UPS today!) 

	Many times replacing the fluid with fresh DOT 4, and new brake
hoses (stainless steel even) will help; new pads---Repco Metalmasters
used to be the hot setup, now I hear a lot from Ferodo users and others.
Maybe better marketing by Ferodo et al?  And of course there's always
Cool Carbon, for those with easily cleaned wheels and lotsalotsa money.
	Korman sells Velvatouch rear shoes for $75 a set (I think, tell
me I'm wrong PLEASE) which he used on his old 320i racers, before BMW
got real and went to 4-wheel disks in the 325e's.  
	Just make sure you're on level ground, figuratively, when 
worrying about the brakes.