2002 Suspension feel..

I have Eibach springs and Bilstein Heavy duty shocks on my 02 and
would have to say the suspension is a bit stiff if you're not
used to a performance setup.  I say this cuz I lot people seem to
complain when I do anything BUT crawl over speed bumps ( I guess
they are used to their Hondas/Toyotas).

My car still has a pretty good ride considering the handling I get out of it.  
With this type of setup, you're car is not going to feel plush like
a MBZ but it's probably not any bumpier than say an Integra.
(I don't if that says much...=)  )

As for the body roll and lean...I've been very happy with my
ST 22/19mm roll bar setup.  I was amazed at what a difference these
made after I put em in.  The car is pretty flat on the turns (unless
you really push it =) ).  The car also feels much more stable
on any turn.  I think you really ought to have sway bars especially
if you've already got the shocks/springs to finish up the

'72 2002