Re: bmw-digest V2 #102

% From: Richard Biscevic/MSI
% <Richard_Biscevic/MSI.MSI@notes_public.Metropolis.com>
% Date: 1 Dec 94 14:56:29 PS Subject: 1995 M3 Tires- 8^0

% Does anyone know where is the least expensive place to  buy
% tires for a1995 M3?  I'm planning to stick with the
% Michelin MXX3s.  The only problem is that I've heard I'm
% going to have to spend $250+ for each.

% I know, I know.  'You bought an M3; deal with it pal.'  Well,
% I'm willing to pay it.  But if I can find them for less, I'd do
% it.

You may be stuck.  When I was looking for a new tire/rim combo
for my E30 M3, I looked at 17" rims but the tire prices were $100
more per tire than the 16" rims.  Needless to say I'm running 16"
and not 17" rims.   The best prices I found were at tire rack
and a local dealer here in Oak, Ca. would match the prices sans 


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