M3 Tires


I've been very pleased with the MXX3s; they're pretty good in the wet,
excellent dry, and despite all the tread depth hold up pretty well on the
track.  I've put 10k miles on mine, and two drivers schools, and they're
looking about 60% worn.  I'm certainly no tire expert, but I think they're
pretty good tires (and Russ Wiles, who is certainly more knowledgeable than
me, told me he was impressed with them as well).  They are certainly
expensive, 'though, and I hear that Bridgestone will/has come out with R71s
in the 235/40/17 size, and that would seem to be the tire of choice at the
track, and probably for street use as well.  I won't have to deal w/ new
tires for a long time, since my M-ster is going in storage for 1995 :-(, but
I'd be interested in what anybody finds out about pricing/availability (I
notice that Tire Rack always has 'CALL' listed as the price for the MXX3s;
not a good sign).