Re: Another Tire Question!

I have the same car.  I switched to Goodyear GS-N 225/55's when the Pirelli's
wore out.  They seem to provide more grip, but otherwise the car feels about
the same.  They are available from the Tire Rack for the same cost as the
skinnier Pirelli's.  

Previously I had a 325e w/ a Dinan suspension package.  I switched from the
P600's to Dunlop D40 M2's, and this was truly a night and day performance
difference.  The wore out very quickly though (no free lunch).  Your options
in the wider size are very limited though.  Two I believe.  The other one is
in the ultra high performance category and is very expensive.  I cant
remember what it is.  Tire Rack could tell you (no affiliation other than
being a happy customer.)

I'd be very interested in hearing about your experiences w/ the chip and
filter.  I was considering doing the same.

Jimmy Shrake
Current: '93 318is
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