Re: dry gas

>Is is a good or
>bad idea to add dry gas to the tank during cold spells.

Personally I think regular use is a bad idea.  It doesn't seem to
hurt to use it occasionally if you need it, but what I heard in my
younger days was that regular use would rot the rubber gas lines and
similar parts.  I don't know if that is still true.

A related story...
  The other day my 'iX started running rough under load, slowly
getting worse over some 20 miles.  Hoping to avoid working on the
car with temps in the teens, I added half a bottle of dry gas.
Thankfully that seemed to clear it up.
  Now I was curious because my 'es had never had problems with water
in the gas in 6 winters of daily use.  One tidbit I discovered
(thanks Ron!) is that apparently the gas filter is designed to
absorb water from the gas.  When it gets saturated, it lets water
through.  I'd never seen it on the 'es because I was good about
changing the filter.  I havn't changed the filter on the 'iX since I
got it used this summer.

Just another factoid to fill an unused corner of your mind...
'87 325es
'90 325iX