Re: E30 rev limiter ????

>But whatever the case, if you floor the pedal it will limit the revs,
>if you miss a shift (say 5th to 2nd instead of 5th to 4th) NO rev
>limiter can help you. Just ask all those E36 M3 people :)
>The rev limiter can shut off fuel delivery, but can NEVER stop the
>momentum of your car spinning the engine up to catastrophic RPM.
>NO car can stop that from happening.

Seems like if you aren't worried about keeping someone in big trouble
from using engine braking (breaking too) to stop a car with failed
brakes that someone could set up something to disengage the clutch if
the engine revs climb too high (centrifugal disengagement?).  I bet a
good design would sell well to those E36 M3ers.
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Pat Donahue
Vienna, VA
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