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Helmet Stuff

>Anyway, there's a question in here.  I just signed up for the Tarheel
>Chapter 'Tarheel and Toe' Drivers School, and there is mention of needing a
>Snell-rated helmet.  Are there any recommendations about 'good' vs 'less
than great'
>helmets out there?  There was talk recently about helmet ratings, but which
>helmets do people like, and where can you get one?  >Peter Reinhart


Sounds like you got THE BUG.  <grin>. Welcome to the land o' da track
junkie.  There is only one type of helmet to buy and that is an SA95 rated
helmet.  These are designed for automobile motorsports and unlike a
motorcycle helmet (rated M95) have a Nomex liner and are designed for
multiple impacts in  a single incident.

There are a lot of helmets out there.  They all fit different.  I like the
quality of the Bell's as their workmanship is top rate, but they don't fit
me worth a damn so I use Simpsons.  Go to a store where you can try them all
on IN THE CAR.  Different helmets have different heights as well.  I find
the Simpsons ride 'lower' than the Bell's as well in the car. In the M3,
with its low roof, a 1/2" does make a difference.  There are other helmets
out there as well but those are the top two brands. You're in NASCAR
country...there's gotta be a bunch of places where you can try one on.
Maybe Racer's Wholesale?  They have a retail operation down south somewhere.

Web sites for helmets from the mfg's stink.  Try www.ogracing.com or
www.hms-motorsports.com for two good retailers that will give you good
helmet choices on the web, and both are great operations to do business

No need to spent the money on Kevlar, unless you just want to and are
feeling rich. They're lighter - but that doesn't come into play much in 20
minutes sessions at Driver's Schools.  Motorized vent systems like Bell's
Turbo Air are a gimmick and the noise from the motors will make you daffy. I
would get a closed face helmet AND A NECK COLLAR.  Believe it or not, there
are several tracks in the East where there are deer each year.  When the
deer comes in through the windshield and you're doing 100 mph  - you DO
want a full face helmet.

Duane Collie


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