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re: <BMW> obtaining duplicate of "build sheet" or window sticker

gary vetick wrote:
>i purchased a 1990 M3 last year and the seller did not have the original
>window >sticker.  is it possible to obtain a duplicate from BMW NA?  would
>there be an >alternative source of which you are aware?

Any dealer can print a copy of the Vehicle History off their DCS system,
just from your VIN.  This will show production date, original wholesale
dealer, original retail dealer, option string, color, some service history,
etc.  From this you might contact the original or selling dealer and see if
their files might hold a copy of the Monroney label.  Or perhaps the
History will have what you need.  They usually print this or the simpler
Open Campaign report each time the car comes in for service to determine if
your car is subject to any recalls or extra campaign work they can bill BMW
for.  They should not charge you for this service.  While you're at it,
have them pull your key code for you while you're there, and your radio
code too if you don't have that, and they haven't thrown you out by now.

- -Phil