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Re: oil drinking e39 M5

Sorry to hear about the oil consumption, but you are running some of the
slickest stuff on earth for oil, and trying to seat the rings at the same
time - go figure....

I have built quite a few perfomance engines, and personally wait until 10k
miles to put the synthetic stuff in them.  I want some wear on the rings and
cylinder walls, especially to seat the oil control rings and some of  the
other components.  I change the break-in oil @ 750 miles, and then every
2000 miles after that, until I reach the 10K level.  

BMW bike related stuff: I restored a 1971 R 75/5 (2 wheeled Beamer) in '87
that had 65k miles on it, and it still had the original cross-hatched hone
marks on the cylinders.  I was in the local shop in Ft Walton Beach, FL,
talking to the shop owner (Forte Cycles)and was asking about the K100 series
(Bosch F/I, inline 4 cyl laid flat w/head on left, crank on right)and oil
service.  He told me that they don't even seat the rings until 40k miles.  

Well, enough of this heresay.  Go with what the dealer/manufacturer
recommends, and if you don't see any decrease as the rings seat, go back and
raise hell!

FWIW, my .02.

Jerry Lee
'88-535is, 183k miles
'71 Challenger R/T
'82 AS Camaro
'96 C-1500 towmobile....
BMWCCA# 150271

Subject: Re: oil drinking e39 M5

my new M5 has needed 2 quarts of oil in the first 1530 miles!!!! and i can't

find the spec.oil anywhere including the dealer...it calls for castrol RS 
10W60...i've been forced to use mobil 1 15W50...
  anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to why the car maybe having this 
excess consumption? someone says that it is inherent w/ synthetic oil use
that it'll probably continue....should i breakin the car w/ crude?