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One touch sunroof upgrade (E36)

Greetings again everyone!

I recieved so many requests for the instructions on how to do this upgrade 
that I decided to post it on the digests.(13 to be exact!)
These are the instructions I recieved from Ted.  They are pretty much on the 
money accept for one thing.  The bolts that held my motor are Torx head 
bolts.  So you better have a Torx set or some good flat heads around.  Other 
than that it's just like Ted says.  Very simple.  I got my motor from 
someone in the Roundel that gutted their M3 to make a race car.  That might 
be a good place to look instead of buying it new at the stealer.  Good luck 
and may the force be with you!!!

Manuel Paredes
95 325i (Next mod is flashing lights with alarm, yee haw!!)

Hi Manuel,

M3's built before 9/95 did not have the one touch sun roof.
After that, a new motor and switch were added.  Any sun
roof replaced under warranty for service in general was
upgraded to the new motor and switch, plus a wiring
harness to mate the new connectors on the new motorto the older interior 

Here are the new part numbers with new and used prices:

Motor  67-61-8-362-364  New $255.73, used about $100.00
Switch 61-31-8-368-941  New $42.49, Used about $15.00
Harness 67-61-8-374-976 New $25.84

Above new prices are list. dealer should give BMWCCA
discount.  The harness is only available from the dealer.
You might need to check the part numbers as I copied
the above from an old email I sent - a dealer should
only sell the new version of the motor and switch as that
is all that is available.

Also note that this only adds one touch open, no one touch
close (like 5 series) and no door-key roll up as factory installed
one touch.  I think this would require a new ZKE control module
and addition wiring.

If you are going to do it, I can write up some quick directions.
It is very easy, I do little mechanic work and managed to do
this in about 30 minutes.


Here's the steps...

1) Close sun roof, make sure it is in closed position

2)  Pop the light bezel off (this is where the switches and dome lights are)

3) Pop access panel to sun roof motor off.

4) There are 3 bolts which hold motor in place, the bolts are different 
lengths so while removing them, keep track of where they came from.  Remove 

5) Disconnect motor.

6) Disconnect switch and remove switch

7) Install new switch

8) Connect new motor using new harness.

9) Connect switch.

10)  It is unlikely the motor is in the correct position, so turn ignition 
on and push the sun roof switch a few times.  You will soon notice the 
sequence of the motor turning to open and close.  You need to make sure the 
motor is in the close position so it matches the roof position, which you 
set in (1) at closed.

11)  Place motor in roof and bolt in place.

12)  Put back together.

I am ding this from memory, I think that is it.  The important part is to 
make sure the new motor is in the right position before bolting in place. As 
you push the switch you will see a long duration (open) a long duration 
(close), a short duration (tilt up) and a short duration (tilt close)  Once 
you cycle it, you will soon be able to figure out when the motor is in the 
closed position.

Hope this helps.

Takes about 20-30 minutes.


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