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Grinding noise when clutch engaged, but no slippage.

I have a 1986 BMW 528e manual 5-speed with approximately 198,000 miles.  I
have never changed out the clutch components.  I am experiencing a grinding
and high pitched whining noise whenever the clutch pedal is and remains
pressed.  The sound is intermittent at cold start but occurs regularly after
driving and shifting to a point where the  engine is warmed up and gets
progressively louder.  This occurs when car is motion through all 5 gears,
in reverse, and in neutral when the car is stationary only when the clutch
pedal is pressed down.   The car does not slip nor is there any abnormal
noise when the clutch pedal is released and the car is in gear.

My thoughts are that it might be the release/throw-out bearing, as the noise
occurs even with the slightless pressure on the clutch pedal.  However, Do
you think the noise and vibration might be due to the transmission shaft
bearing, given the described symptoms?  I was told by my mechanic that if it
is, catching it too late could result in having to replace the entire
transmission as no one can machine a new shaft here in Hawaii.

Any input would be appreciated.