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"If the info you have received through these digests saved
you time, money or trouble now is the time to 'Pay It Forward'"
                       -- Bob Van Epps

Contributions from list readers are a major factor in ongoing improvements to Once every three months, list readers are reminded in a posting that this web page exists, and are asked to consider what value they place on the lists and think about whether they want to help out. Typical contributions in the past have fallen in the range of $10 to $30, with some smaller and some larger than these amounts.

There are no subscription charges, and there never will be. Moreover, the size and source of contributions are kept strictly confidential.

There are currently two methods for contributing to -- by mailing a check, or via Paypal.

Contribute Via Paypal

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Richard Welty
P.O. Box 629
Averill Park, NY 12018

What the Contributions pay for, past, present and future

Internet Access

Internet connections aren't free. The server currently sits in a Co-Location site at Logical Net in Albany, NY.

New Server

The server is about to be upgraded from a rather old 266MHz Pentium II to a much faster IBM X330 Server. The Ultra 33 IDE drives will be replaced with proper Ultra SCSI drives, and RAM will be sharply increased. The new incarnation of of the server will replace Redhat Linux with OpenBSD.

Archive Rebuild

Once the new server is in place, the archive rebuild project will be going forward to completion. Nearly all the archives have been retained, going back to the original italian-cars-digest of 1987. These archives will be converted to proper web archives and a quality search engine will be set up.

Majordomo 2 currently uses the old Majordomo 1.94.5 mailing list manager. This can be improved upon rather dramatically, now that Majordomo 2 is finally being released. Plans are to move to the latest version of Majordomo once the archives are rebuilt.

"" pop3 accounts

Further down the road, there is a plan to make low cost pop3 accounts available on the server. These accounts will have extensive spam and virus control measures in place.