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Dist Vacuum Advance Problems

IH all,
Maybe someone out there can help me out.  I got the Scout back from the
mechanic Friday, after he set up my new carb and did some diagnostics.
He listed as one of the problems, as being a "weak" distributor vacuum
advance unit.  Is there anyway to fix this or just simpler to replace?
I guess the vacuum unit is not appling enough advance to the
distributor.  The dist is remanufactured, and this is the first
installation of it.  I can't remember if the vacuum advance came with
the unit or if I pirated it off of another dist.  This is a Prestolite
points dist.  Would a prestolite electronic dist vac advance work?  What
about one off of a holley dist?  What about an adjustable one from
summit?  The replacement advance from the autoparts store is goin to run
~$37.  Any input would be appriciated.

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