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Re: Scout 800 Power Steering Conversion

Doug Rasmussen wrote in response to John Fleck:

>  As to power steering, I think there's something in the FAQ about it.

Indeed there is something on this topic in the FAQ.  Courtesy of John Comer
from Gryphin Automotive.  His shopping list and instructions are intended
for the conversion of Scout 800's that were originally equipped with V-8
motors from the factory.

> Basically, the way I did mine was Scout II box & pump,

> I fabricated my own bracket

The 1971 800B that Jamie & I acquired this summer had been converted with a
Scout II pump & bracket by one of the previous owners.  Using a Scout II
pump and bracket appears to necessitate carving a hunk out of the inner
fender well on the driver's side.

> Pump bracket off PU or  Travellal (FAQ tells which years),

Using a pump and bracket from a PU/Travelall not only eliminates the need to
cut up the inner fender,  but also it leaves you with a larger, higher
volume pump as a bonus.

A photo-illustrated step-by-step of this conversion was featured in the
October 1996 Binder Bulletin.

The only remaining obstacle (once one mounts the pump to the motor, mounts
the Scout II steering gear to the frame, and adapts the new steering gear to
the manual steering column) is to figure a way to attach the stock 800 drag
link to the Scout II pitman arm.

The 800 drag link is designed to fit over a "ball" on the pitman arm -- a
"ball" that the Scout II pitman arm doesn't have.  Since we were unable to
locate a source for such a ball (that would fit into the existing tapered
hole in the Scout II pitman arm), we opted in the Bulletin article for a
drag link upgrade at the same time -- to a style with modern, tapered
tie-rod ends.

Bill Thebert
The Binder Bulletin

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