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Re: How do I lower my HC (ppm)?


Because of the way you  state it, I'm assuming you're in CA????????????????

You need to find a station that will "work with you". Maybe the station
that checked it the first time. Now that you've tuned it up (check timing
too), see if they won't "pre-test" for you at no charge if you agree to
bring it back to them for the final test. If they won't - GO SOMEWHERE
ELSE! Beleive me, I know what it is like when these shops won't help you.
We do have a "pass or don't pay" place locally - but they only do cars :-(

If you are still high in HCs at this point, I might recommend (from my own
experience - I have a limited knowledge of the condition of your Scout) two
things. Make darn sure you have no vacuum leaks of any kind (my smog guy
takes a bottle of propane, turns it up high and passes it all over the
intake manifold, base of carb, etc. with the engine idling listening for a
change in the idle to find 'hard to find' vacuum leaks) and then rebuild
the carb if you have to. When I rebuilt my carb, I solved a vacuum leak I
didn't know I had; I cut my HCs (at idle) from 900 PPM to 30 PPM; and, I
increased my mileage from 10.5 MPG to 14 MPG. So, it was well worth it,
although the carb seemed O.K. at the time.

Just a thought,

Tom H.

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